Organic Natural
Using organic and natural ingredients whenever possible and available
Effective & Simple
No toxins, pure natural simple formulas with no added water.
Mood Lifting Scents
Plant based and uplifting for every body
Pro Planet & Pro People
No Plastics - Re-Usable - Zero BS

Makers of real working organic deodorants which are plastic free, toxins free, aluminum free, GMO’s free and cruelty free.
Made in the Netherlands and shipped worldwide.

Awesome Organic Deodorants and Organic Body Care Products

We have crafted the most nourishing organic deodorants and body care products to take care of your precious skin. You can shop for natural organic deodorants, natural organic lip balms and natural organic hand balms.

Organic deodorants get you appealing armpits

Get rid of smelly armpits.
We take care it.

Your scent belongs to you and we want you to smell good. Happinesz natural deodorants are the solution for smelly armpits. Just choose the scent you like – or no scent at all – and you will be good to go. NO worries!! Happinesz organic natural deodorants will get rid of unwanted armpit smells. We always say: “One fingertip a day keeps the stink away!

The Happinesz organic deodorants have an organic coconut oil base and are 100% CLIMATE PROOF. Yes, you can take it anywhere you want, to the beach or out skiing, to a hot or a cold climate. Unlike other coconut based deodorants, it will not liquify or solidify. We have been working on the formulas for months and made so many tests and we did it!

We give you 27 good reasons why the Happinesz natural organic deodorants are the coolest new 100% natural deodorants for YOU! Oh yeah, almost forgot, Happinesz vegan deodorants were the winners of The Big Natural Deodorant Test 2020 in the Netherlands. Of course we feel proud of that.

This is about hand balms!

Your hands are miracle workers and they are taking care of many things whether you are woman or man, an office tiger or carpenter, a surf dude (or dudette), a nurse, sailor, care taker, handy man, gardener or a family manager. Your hands endure a lot.  Happinesz organic hand balms will take care of your hands so they will be smooth and soft. Yes your hands need to be spoiled as much as possible.
No Water added so you only need a tad.

The hand balms come in 2 kinds: for regular dry skin for daily use and for very dry skin which you can use during night time.

Ohh… Kiss my lips!!
They’re soft and smooth.

Your lips must be kissable (and lovable) at all times and you don’t want your lips to be rough and chafed.
And your lips need to look good too!!
Happinesz organic lip balms will protect your sweet lips from the elements and intensive use.

The Happinesz organic lip balms are made from certified organic natural ingredients.
There is even one coming with SPF 15 sun protection!! Be safe!!

Loyal Online Customers Discount for buying our organic body care products.

To show our appreciation Happinesz rewards loyal customers with a 10% discount when they buy more than once our organic body care products. The only thing you have to do is to buy a Happinesz organic body care product online more than once. You get a 10% discount applied to your purchase directly the next times you buy a Happinesz product.

Plastics Yes or No?

We at Happinesz don’t want to use plastics that are disposable and may end up in nature. You can read about our motivation HERE. That is why we use no plastics in our ingredients and avoid plastics in our packaging as much as possible.

The jars we use are made of 100% recyclable aluminum. Did you know that aluminum can be recycled over and over again unlike recyclable plastic tubes? And also the cost of recycling is less then manufacturing a new jar? It saves 95% of the energy to make a new one.


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Who loves Happinesz organic body care products?

We love happinesz organic body care


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