Hello, we are HAPPINESZ, an UNBORING ECO BRAND and we promise:

✔️ High Quality Skincare Products.
✔️ We Plant a Tree For Every Order You Make
✔️ Our products Are Plastic Negative.
✔️ We Use Organic & Natural Ingredients.
✔️ No Useless Water and Fillers Have Been Added.
✔️ No Harmful Toxins or Chemicals.
✔️ Never Tested On Animals.
✔️ Planet Safe and Reef Safe.
✔️ Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable.
✔️ Handmade In The Netherlands.

✔️ Always made without these toxins: Sulfates · Parabens · Phthalates · Sulfates · Triclosan · Petroleum · Oxibenzone · Oxtinoxate · Octocrylene · 4-methylbenzylidene camphor · Gluten

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We at Happinesz deeply care about the planet, and creating a conscious business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree for every order you make.

Eden Reforestation Projects has been restoring forests and providing
jobs and financial self-sufficiency to local communities living in
poverty since it's inception and they are doing more than a fantastic


From Kirsten Cameron (world record holder long distance swimming)

Hi, I met you at the Feel Good Market in Eindhoven a couple of months ago and I bought some of your sunscreens. I want to tell you that last weekend I swam in Lake Zurich for over 6 1/2 hours and the sunscreen was brilliant - I was perfectly protected. It was also really easy to apply and felt nice on my skin. Thank you!

From Yvon

I hope more people get excited. Really threw all my expensive creams in the trash and stay with Happinesz. Came to your products through a friend after reading and recommending the book Reboot your health in 24 hours. Have a nice evening and thank you for your good service.
Regards, Yvon

From Anna

Dear Happinesz, First of all I want to say that I am a huge fan of your deodorant. It does what I expect from a deodorant without all the additives that don't make me happy. Even my teenage daughter benefits enormously from this because no other deodorant helps to mask the nasty smell. In fact, it only got worse itself. So in short, we are a huge fan of Happinesz deoroants.
Sincerely, Anne-Marie Wouters

From Julia

Since I use Happinesz Nude sunscreen, to my surprise the pimples on my face have disappeared and I am no longer burned by the sun. I am very happy with that.

Greetz, Julia Leidelmeier


Coming from Belgium (NOW THE NETHERLANDS) and also handmade, organic and….vegan. Based on coconut oil, candelilla wax, rapeseed oil, and zea maize. Contains zinc oxide to prevent skin irritations. There are different scents, I received the natural and the Urban Summer scent. The prices are different.
SCENT: the natural has a delicious mandarin scent, the urban summer has a wonderfully slightly sweet scent.
USER-FRIENDLINESS: oh wow, what a delicious substance! Really creamy which makes applying a bit more pleasant. After applying, your fingertips feel wonderfully soft, so they are also taken care of immediately 😁
AND? DOES IT WORK A LITTLE? Like the fire brigade! Really very nice, dry, no streams or sloshing armpits during exercise, delicious smell, good absorption.
FINAL VERDICT: wow…..what a nice deo. Super finely priced, nice tin, good functioning…..I say don't do anything about it anymore!

And this is my final top 14:

The absolute toppers in this top 14! It works, the smell is nice, nice packaging, gives an immediate effect, very fine texture, well priced, as far as I'm concerned EVERYTHING about these deodorants is right. Also nice is the compactness, ideal to take with you in your pocket.


From Anja - Home nurse

What a wonderful product!

First I had tried the hand cream and it just melts into your skin and absorbs well.I work as a home nurse and my hands were really looking bad from using all those alcohol gels... The smell is wonderful too!
I have 1 jar next to my bed because I apply it in the evening and then I put on cotton gloves to let it soak in all night, resulting in well-groomed hands and relaxed skin in the morning.
There's also 1 jar in my car for on the road, but I'm going to have to hide that, because those who ride with me can't stay away from it 😅.

Afterwards I tested the deodorant, another great product and also ideal now during my tour through Vietnam; compact, easy to apply and a fragrance that is not chemical. I'm a fan!

Help to protect the remaining rainforests

#Rainforestvalue is a method of preserving the remaining rainforests of Borneo by giving local villages and families the opportunity to monetize on what's is already growing in the rainforest.

Happinesz uses products from the communities in Borneo because we find the preservation of rainforests very important for the planet. We only have one.

Happinesz uses these ingredients in
several of the products like in Body Lotion Bars and Face Oils.