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I hope more people get excited. Really threw all my expensive creams in the trash and stay with Happinesz. Came to your products through a friend after reading and recommending the book Reboot your health in 24 hours. Have a nice evening and thank you for your good service.
Regards, Yvon

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Dear Happinesz, First of all I want to say that I am a huge fan of your deodorant. It does what I expect from a deodorant without all the additives that don't make me happy. Even my teenage daughter benefits enormously from this because no other deodorant helps to mask the nasty smell. In fact, it only got worse itself. So in short, we are a huge fan of Happinesz deodorants.
Sincerely, Anne-Marie Wouters

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What a wonderful product!

First I had tried the hand cream and it just melts into your skin and absorbs well.I work as a home nurse and my hands were really looking bad from using all those alcohol gels... The smell is wonderful too! I have 1 jar next to my bed because I apply it in the evening and then I put on cotton gloves to let it soak in all night, resulting in well-groomed hands and relaxed skin in the morning.
There's also 1 jar in my car for on the road, but I'm going to have to hide that, because those who ride with me can't stay away from it 😅.

Afterwards I tested the deodorant, another great product and also ideal now during my tour through Vietnam; compact, easy to apply and a fragrance that is not chemical. I'm a fan!

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Kirsten Camaron (world record holder long distance swimming)

Hi, I met you at the Feel Good Market in Eindhoven a couple of months ago and I bought some of your sunscreens. I want to tell you that last weekend I swam in Lake Zurich for over 6 1/2 hours and the sunscreen was brilliant - I was perfectly protected. It was also really easy to apply and felt nice on my skin. Thank you!