The Happinesz Deodorant

The Happinesz Deodorant is a refreshing deodorant made to give you a full day protection from smelly armpits. It is made from delightful all natural ingredients like 100% ecological coconut oil, zea mays, and bee wax. Also the essential oils we use are 100% natural.

The deodorant is 100% plastic free, cruelty free, aluminum free and paraben free and is tested for months on real human beings: us, our families and friends.

Yes, we took the risks but no harm was done because we use completely natural and harmless ingredients.

It works fantastic, it doesn’t stick, doesn’t stain and has a great unique fragrance (you will love it!!) and it lasts all day long even when it is a warm day or you have been working out.

Why The Happinesz Deodorant?

The Happinesz Deodorant is 100% natural, affordable, easy to apply, works like a charm, uses no plastics so reduces waste and the plastic pollution. The jar is 100% recyclable and can be used for storing your earrings and other jewelry, earplugs, mints, paperclips , pushpins, etc., etc. (send us a picture how you use your Happinesz jars)
It is also a handy lightweight travel companion that is small and easy to carry in your purse, even on an airplane.

Happinesz Products

No Plastics

We don’t use plastics for our packaging. The jar is made of 100% recyclable aluminum. Did you know that aluminum can be recycled over and over again? And also the cost of recycling is less then manufacturing a new jar? It saves 95% of the energy to make a new one.

This why we use aluminum jars for the deodorants

We have given it a lot of consideration but here is why we use aluminum jars.

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