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Happinesz Natural Vegan Deodorants Chosen As Best Natural Deodorant of 2020. That is awesome!!

So once in a while we get a pleasant surprise like this one of which we were unaware of. The Happinesz natural vegan deodorants were chosen as the best natural deodorants of 2020.

The test was done by Monique van der Vloed who runs a terrific website about green living. The link hereunder leads to the test itself. (In Dutch)

Happinesz Best Natural Deodorant

Source: De grote natuurlijke deodorant test 2020! – The Big Natural Deodorant Test 2020!

Citrus Cove All Natural Deodorant by Happinesz
Urban Summer Natural Deodorant by Happinesz
Purple Haze All Natural Deodorant by Happinesz
Pure!! All Natural Deodorant by Happinesz

Awesome Natural Deodorants

Looking for the best natural deodorants that really work all day and through the night? You found them!!

Happinesz deodorants have been really tested by some extreme people so you can count on our deodorants to get you through nowadays extreme conditions:

The result is that you are without even the slightest hint of body odor so you can be your truly amazing self. And now you’re using no toxins and no plastics and you’re making the world a better place!! How awesome is this!!

These are 27 reasons why Happinesz Deodorants are the coolest new 100% natural deodorants for YOU.

Works quickly all day and night. – NO white stains, when you rub it on your armpits, it’s just clear! – Non-sticky and non-greasy. You rub it on, it’s gone! – Doesn’t harden when it’s cold and doesn’t melt when warm. – For sensitive skins too! – No artificial fragrances. We use 100% pure essential oils. – No plastics in our packaging and ingredients. – No Palm Oils – No toxins.

But also:

Neutralizes sweat bacteria, not blocking you from sweating – Does not block your pores. – Absorbs  moisture by absorbing wetness. – No aluminum salts, parabens and alcohol. – Cruelty free. – Divine refreshing unisex fragrance. – 100% recyclable packaging. – WOW, 1 jar lasts about 2 months. – Vegan or vegetarian deodorants. – Handy small package, fits easily in your purse, rucksack or your pocket. – Allowed to take to festivals, concerts and airplanes. – Help to reduce the pile of plastic waste.

Loyal Online Customers Discount

To show our appreciation Happinesz rewards loyal customers with a 10% discount when they buy more than once. The only thing you have to do is to buy a Happinesz product online more than once. You get a 10% discount applied to your purchase directly the next times you buy a Happinesz product.

Plastics Yes on No?

We at Happinesz don’t like plastics that are disposable and may end up in nature. That is why we use no plastics in our ingredients.

The jars we use are made of 100% recyclable aluminum. Did you know that aluminum can be recycled over and over again unlike recyclable plastic tubes? And also the cost of recycling is less then manufacturing a new jar? It saves 95% of the energy to make a new one.


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Amazing natural deodorant

I absolutely love this vegan deodorant which is not only perfect to use in hot summer days but smells really nice too. It’s not sticky but it’s very easy to use it. I can recommend it to anyone.

Werkt super goed en ruikt

Werkt super goed en ruikt lekker, en nog eens goed voor milieu, fijn om te zien


We had a hard time finding a zero waste and plastic-free deodorant

We had a hard time finding a zero waste and plastic-free deodorant that gave us the confidence to go to work without thinking of odors. We have tried the deodorant of the @happinesz2 and we loved it! 🙋🏼‍♀️💚
It is a Belgian brand that seeks a new way of looking at deodorants. They have made a product with known ingredients and small environmental impact 💁🏼‍♀️🌿
We have tried it in three situations: at home 🧘🏼‍♀️, at work 👩🏼‍💻and in the gym🤸🏻‍♀️, and for all three,  we have had a great experience with happinesz deo🙋🏼‍♀️💚
I was surprised that we needed so little (just moisten the finger and rub the armpit) and immediately smell like lemon🤤🍋

Image by @living_zer0_waste

Happinesz Deodorant image from @living_zero_waste
Living Zero Waste

Absolutely an amazingly good working

Absolutely an amazingly good working deodorant. I am using the odorless because we go hiking a lot and don’t want to leave a scent trail in the woods.

Anthony Zabiszki

Super deo

Super deo and smells awesome! ❤

Jolanda Leidelmeijer

I was ready for this one

I have been looking for a long time for a deo that really protects a whole day and finally I have found one.When I apply it in the morning, at least I no longer have the feeling that there is a sticky layer of deo on my armpit.With most deo’s, I had to re-apply after a few hours, it just didn’t seem to stay.With this deo, I can just put it up in the morning and I’m still comfortable by the evening. It just feels very natural.
I am very happy that I found this deo and I don’t think I will switch to another one soon.
Ellen vds

Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 11 ratings)

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