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Return Policy

There might be a little chance you are not satisfied with your Happinesz product. So what can you do next?

Return policy explained

You have the right to register your return within 14 days of receiving the product and you must return it to us within 14 days after registering the product return. We will refund the amount you paid within 14 days after the return is received by us. You have to pay for the shipping charges for the return. Your refund request must be made directly to The better (and more ecological environmental friendly way) to do is to give it as a present to another person. This way it saves fuel and energy costs.

The refund will be done to the credit card you used when you bought the product. We don't and can't control when a credit card company processes a charge-back so contact them when it takes too long. Happinesz does not provide a refund for returned body care products that are used due to hygienic reasons.