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Happinesz natural body lotion bars are a blessing and a benefit for your skin and incorporate organic ingredients that will hydrate, nourish and pamper your skin.

By buying Happinesz Body Lotion Bars you are protecting the earth through your daily routine.

Our rich and organic solid body lotion bars are formulated with beautiful organic oils and butters like Illipe Butter and Kukui Oil which ingredients have been wild harvested from the Indonesian rainforest by local people with respect for nature and without any damage to the rainforest.

Local communities earn a regular income from wild harvesting the nuts in the rainforests. Because of this there is no need to replace rainforest with mono-culture plantations.
This way rainforests are being saved. #savetherainforests

Saving Water And Plastic

300ML of water will be saved because one body lotion bar equals 2 to 3 regular body lotions in plastic tubes. So also 2 to 3 plastic tubes will not be disposed in the environment by using Happinesz solid body lotion bars.

How to use Happinesz natural body lotion bars

It really is quite simple and here is no need to warm up Happinez natural lotion bars. No sticky fingers anymore!

You gently rub the body lotion bar directly onto your skin. We made it square so you have a better grip.

Happinesz body lotion bars can be used all over your body and to your face. The most wonderful thing to do is to apply it after a warm shower when your skin is warm and damp and your pores are more open. If you do this, the body lotion is allowed to penetrate more deeply into your skin and to help to seal in moisture.
But you can apply at any time of the day whenever you want.

Happinesz body lotions bars can also be used as massage bars.