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Sustainability and producing.

We develop and produce our own products in our facility in Rijen, the Netherlands. Our energy source is solar-energy so we produce in the most sustainable way possible and we are very happy with that.
The ingredients we are using come from a natural source and are where possible of certified organic origin. The quality of our products are most important and where possible we use vegan ingredients that must meet our highest quality standards. If we notice the end results with vegan ingredients do not meet our high quality standard we use a natural non-vegan ingredient.

Sustainability and packaging

Using recycled plastics or bio plastics is no guarantee that these will not end up in the ocean and that is what we are trying to avoid. We use aluminum or glass jars and bottles. Sometimes it is not possible to avoid plastics like in closings and sprays because it is needed to seal off liquids or to spray liquids. You don't want a leaking bottle in your purse or backpack.

Sustainability and the rainforest

We use Kukui oil and Illipe butter in most Happinesz products from wild picked nuts in the rain forests of Borneo. This way we help to reduce deforestation of the rainforests by buying organic carrier oils and organic butters from the local people so they can make a sustainable living and protect the rainforests

We at Happinesz deeply care about the planet, and creating a conscious business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to share our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree for every order sold.
Eden Reforestation Projects has been restoring forests and providing jobs and financial self-sufficiency to local communities living in poverty since it's inception and they are doing more than a fantastic job. We’re very honored to be part of the change by collaborating with the Good Api, and helping Eden Reforestation Projects plant more trees around the world in their many projects. 

Be sure to check out their impact by reading one of their many success stories here.

Sustainability and the oceans

We help to fight the plastic soup in the oceans by avoiding plastics where possible and using recyclable and reusable packaging for products and for shipping. By buying Happinesz Mineral Zinc Sunscreens you support Love The Oceans and contribute to the restoration of coral reefs.

Sustainability and shipping

Happinesz reuses shipping materials like filling materials and carton shipping boxes as much as possible. For wholesale shipments we use recycled boxes.
When we ship to consumers we ship by regular mail using track & trace so we use regular scheduled mail service and don't have to use special delivery couriers who have to go out special for you.