My name is Kirsten Cameron and I am a swimmer from New Zealand.  I have swum in a lot of countries and done a few long distance swims.  I always wear sunscreen and its always to a very high SPF but when I am in water for a while it will usually rub off at some point. 

The worst swim I had was in Fiji – it was a very hot day and I swam for four hours.  I was very badly sun burnt especially around the edge of the swimsuit where it had rubbed.   Another time in Bulgaria I got badly burnt around my ankles – that day I was wearing an ankle length swim suit and at my ankles it had rubbed the sunscreen away.

However, this year I swam in Lake Zurich.  And before I swam I was at a fair in Eindhoven in the Netherlands and I met the team from Happinesz selling sunscreen.  I bought some and I used it in my swim.  Firstly the product felt GREAT to put on.  Not greasy like most sunscreens.  And best of all, at the end of the swim, I could still see it was on me and I didn’t get burnt at all.  It was brilliant.  Also, normally after swimming for a while, my skin often feels yukky.  Well this day it didn’t. 

The other thing that is great about it is that I know it isn’t harming the environment.  When swimming in lovely places like Fiji, or lakes in Switzerland, I feel better knowing the product I am wearing isn’t doing any damage.  So a double bonus – I know I can rely on Happinesz to protect me from the sun, and protect the environment from damaging chemicals.

Kirsten Cameron
Eindhoven, Netherlands