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3 Ways Natural Deodorants Are Beneficial For Sensitive Skin

3 Ways Natural Deodorants Are Beneficial For Sensitive Skin

Traditional deodorants are full of harsh, harmful metals like aluminum interrupting your body's normal processes to cool you down. It's also the best habitat for bacteria that form under your armpits as a natural response to this moist area. These bacteria then chow down on sweat molecules and cause odors. Sweat, all on its own, doesn't smell. And what you eat can have a great impact on yoyr body odor as well.
Regular deodorants mask these bacteria, lacking little antibacterial properties; they do little to eliminate or neutralize their odors. Sometimes, they make it worse, as the fragrances mingle with the stinky bacteria and amplify their pungent aroma. An all natural deodorant could be a solution for sensitive skin.

Safe From Reduction of Heavy Metals in Your Body

Does Not Block Your Pores

Antiperspirants are used to reduce the amount of sweat produced from your underarms. Usually, an antiperspirant is fused with a deodorant, meaning to remove the smell. So together, they reduce sweat and attempt to remove odors. Some of these elements are abrasive and block your pores ineffectively. Scientific Reports found that the aluminum used in deodorants such as aluminum chlorohydrate temporarily and very shallowly plugs the sweat-producing pores known as the eccrine glands. The plugging, though superficial, is extensive and causes an advanced blockage; however, becoming less effective over time.

A recent National Center for Biotechnology study found that conventional antiperspirants and pore-blocking aluminum can collect in breast tissue, potentially leading to breast cancer. Additionally, individuals with chronic illnesses or who are predisposed to kidney issues may need to take greater awareness of metal levels in their bodies; further studies found that too much aluminum build-up could lead to dementia and diseases of the bone.

Instead of blocking pores with aluminum and other synthetic chemicals, natural deodorants seek to neutralize odors while allowing the body's flow of biological processes.

Unscented Options

More Hypoallergenic

The active ingredient is typically aluminum-based, such as aluminum salts. These can cause allergic contact dermatitis or ACD. If you are already prone to ACD, this may occur more frequently with traditional deodorants. Sometimes the longer your pores are blocked by antiperspirants, the higher the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Further, parabens can make deodorants and other beauty products less appealing. Parabens are the preservative chemical that also can interrupt hormone production, irritate the skin, and even cause some cancers, according to the Environmental Working Group. Propylene glycol is another common element in deodorants which is denoted as safe but becomes toxic with prolonged use affecting the brain and spine, causing seizures and agitation. However, it is used in food, beauty products, and medicines. The best natural deodorant won't use parabens.

The use of essential oils may agitate skin sensitivities in some. Thus, many natural deodorant makers create unscented versions as fragrances tend to pull the trigger on allergies. Traditional deodorants will claim to be fragrance-free yet still contain fragrance. The best all natural deodorant will be careful to include unique scented and unscented products with skin allergies in mind.

Essential Oil Fragrances Neutralize Odors

Essential oil fragrance is an element included in some of the best natural deodorants; each has specific uses. We will break them down so you are more aware of why they are used so often. Note that many of these essential oils help reduce anxiety. Anxiety and stress increase sweat production. Smelling these essential oil blends may reduce these and potentially reduce sweat, while antimicrobial elements may counteract odors rendering them neutralized and reducing the bacteria that would naturally grow.

These Oils May do the Following:

Coconut oil: Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, moisture trapping, antifungal, antiviral.

Orange: Antimicrobial, pain reliever, an antioxidant that fights cancer, soothing scent.

Lavender: Antifungal, hypoallergenic, calming effect, promotes wound healing by increasing collagen.

Ylang Ylang- Kills bacteria, promotes relaxation, soothing for skin irritation and inflammation, balances oil production.

Rosewood - Regenerates tissue, helps lymphatic flow, helps in healing skin issues and irritations.

Cedarwood- Antifungal, Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, helps irritated skin, disinfectant.

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