We give you 29 reasons why Happinesz deodorants are the coolest new 100% natural cream deodorants:

1. Happinesz natural cream deodorants work quickly and throughout the day and night.
2. They do NOT cause white spots, if you rub it under your armpits it's just clear!
3. They are not sticky and do not feel greasy. You rub it on your armpits and it's gone!
4. There are 3 Sodium Bicarbonate Free cream deodorants.
5. We have 4 vegan deodorants. Just take your pick!
6. We also have cream deodorants for those with sensitive skin!
7. And they have soothing ingredients for your skin.
8. Cold in your bathroom? Still very good SPREADABLE!
9. Hot in the bathroom? No, it's not running! SPREADABLE!
10. Happinesz cream deodorants are made entirely with natural ingredients.
11. Do you shave your armpits too? With Happinesz deodorants you will not get sore armpits after shaving.
12. We do not use artificial fragrances. We only use 100% pure essential oils. 13. With us you won't find plastics in our packaging and ingredients.
14. Happinesz natural cream deodorants neutralize sweat bacteria and do not block your sweat pores.
15. They don't block your pores anyway.
16. Happinesz does not use toxins and other chemicals in the products.
17. And certainly no ingredients like aluminum salts and parabens.
18. In addition, there are no alcohols in it.
19. They have been tested on ordinary people and not on animals and therefore they are cruelty free.
20. We compose our scents ourselves with organic essential oils, which is why our cream deodorants have wonderfully refreshing unisex scents.
21. They come in a 100% recyclable aluminum tin handy for when you travel. 22. WOW, One Happinesz deodorant can last at least 2 months.
23. Happinesz deodorants come in a small package and easily fit in your purse, backpack or just in your pocket.
24. You can you take them to the festival, concert or on the plane.
25. You reduce the plastic waste mountain.
26. We use affordable prices.
27. Our 3 vegan deodorants don't get dry and hard and don't fall apart. The other  3 neither.
28. You can get everything down to the last milligram from the can. ZERO WASTE!!
29. Happinesz natural body care products are made with SOLAR ENERGY!