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Werden Ihre Produkte an Tieren getestet?

We will never test products on animals. When we develop new products we test them on ourselves and friends.

Sind Ihre Produkte vegan?

We don't want to use animal ingredients but sometimes we use a little beeswax because there is not always a vegan alternative with equal characteristics and quality.

Hey, deine Deos laufen nicht, wenn es warm ist, wie kommt das?

We wanted to create effective deodorants that didn't run when we have nice warm weather so we tested for months in our lab. We formulated them with the best natural ingredients in such a way they stay consistent of structure up to temperatures of 40°C.

Wir leben in einem Land mit moderaten Temperaturen, wie bekommen wir Ihr Creme-Deo und Zink-Sonnenschutzmittel aus der Dose?

No worries, it is very easy. Even in cold temperatures our cream deodorants and zinc sunscreens are easy to get out. They stay soft and velvety smooth.

Wie kann ich mein Produkt zurücksenden?

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Wie pflege ich mein Produkt?

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Do you offer extended warranties?

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Sind Ihre Produkte palmölfrei?

YES, our products are 100% palm oil free.

Woher weiß ich, ob ich Allergien gegen Ihre Produkte habe?

If you know you are sensitive to certain ingredients like nuts and essential oils, please read the ingredients list on the product and perform a skin test first.


Wie sind Ihre Lieferzeiten?

Most of the times we ship on the same day during working days when we receive orders till 3pm. (Monday - Friday)
Orders coming in during the weekends and on holidays will be shipped next working day.

Wie hoch sind die Versandkosten?

Please read the Shipping Policy page where we have all shipping rates available.

Können Sie weltweiten Versand anbieten?

We ship to almost all parts of the world. Please read the Shipping Policy page for more information.

Bieten Sie kostenlosen Versand an?

YES, we offer free shipping. Please see the Shipping Rates and Policies page for detailed information

Wie sieht es mit internationalen Zöllen und Steuern aus?

The customer is responsible for customs duties and taxes. These varies by country. If you live in the EU you don't have to pay customs duties and taxes.

Meine Bestellung

Wie kann ich meine Bestellung stornieren?

Send us an email and please read the Return Policy page for all information regarding this matter.

Was passiert, wenn ich das falsche Produkt erhalte?

When you receive the wrong product send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will send you the correct product.

Bieten Sie Umtausch für fehlerhafte Artikel an?

We don't have faulty items. We hand make all products ourselves and check every item before we ship. But in case it happens or the product is damaged during shipping we will replace it.