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What payment types do you accept

Good question! We offer a lot of payment types. First of all we use Stripe and Mollie as our payment machines. All your payment information will be on their sites, not ours. Stripe and Mollie are  utmost safe, secure and reliable. By using Stripe and Mollie we are able to accept payments by all mayor … read more

Will the deodorants melt when it gets warm

No, it won’t melt when it gets warm, it will stay nice and creamy and you can take it with you in your purse, car or to the beach. Suggested temperature is 4˚C – 60˚C (39˚F – 140˚F).

Does the deodorant harden in colder temperatures

The answer is a simple NO, unless you freeze it.

How does it smell like?

Our all natural deodorants smell like teen spirit, just kidding. They have unique refreshing fragrances because we created a blend of essential oils like orange, mandarin, lemon, lemongrass, ylang ylang, lavender and many more. Each of our natural deodorants has it’s own carefully crafted unique scent. The frangrance free has no scent of course. For … read more

Yaiks, don’t want to use my fingers to put it on.

There is no problem putting the Happinesz deodorant on your armpits after a refreshing shower or whenever you want it. It is very easy to get use to! 🙂

What is the Happinesz deodorant made of?

It is our opinion that you should be informed completely about what you apply on your body so we have a page where we have the full list of ingredients. This list includes all the 100% organic essential oils we have have put in them.

After ordering how long will it take for the Happinesz deodorant to arrive?

We use several carriers for shipping. Our products are made in Europe and in general we use PostNL to get the best rates. In general we use mailbox packages so the products will be delivered in your mailbox at home.

Have you tested on animals?

Of course not, we have tested our products on real humans like ourselves, some friends and family for over 6 months. Nobody got injured, everybody is still using the products in good health and without smelly armpits and we don’t expect anybody of animal behaviour.

I use the Happinesz deodorant and it contains coconut oil. Will it leave stains?

The Happinesz deodorant sticks to your skin, not to your clothes. The deo doesn’t leave any residue on clothes at all unlike other regular deos might do. Just apply a very small amount (like the size of a pea) on your armpits ans that will create a very thin layer when you spread it and … read more

How does the fragrance free Happinesz deodorant smell?

This Happinesz deodorant has been designed to make your armpits smell good but it doesn’t have a fragrance, so those who have an allergic for fragrances or don’t like fragrances, can use it. This way the Happinesz deodorant doesn’t interfere with the perfume you are wearing.

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