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Coconut oil in Happinesz deodorants

Coconut oil in Happinesz deodorants
Coconut oil alone can work as a natural deodorant as it has an antibacterial nature and it kills yeast, fungi and harmful microorganisms. That is because of the high lauric acid content (nearly 50%) in coconut oil. It also moisturizes the skin and keeps perspiration at bay.

Coconut oils may help healing small wounds

Not only does it do all of the above but coconut oil also helps healing small wounds and many of us shave their armpits and an accidental cut happens before you know it. So the healing of small wounds is a small added benefit. You may know that the infamous armpit odor is caused by glands which release sweat containing high amounts of  protein. Bacteria break down these proteins and are responsible for the odor we don't like to smell. Happinesz uses the finest high quality 100% ecological coconut oil that is available and the coconut oil we use is not fat for your skin. It is very easily absorbed in just a couple of seconds.

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