For Happinesz it is very important that everybody gets to know sustainable natural products so we partnered up with JouwBox. They offer carefully selected natural, vegan eco products every 3 months in a beautiful box.

Just like us, JouwBox is on a mission to create a better world by introducing eco friendly made sustainable products for a reasonable price and you will find Happinesz products in their box.

What is JouwBox?

JouwBox gives everyone a chance to be introduced to fabulous sustainable health and care products. Every quarter they compose a box filled with the best natural products in nutrition, supplements and skin, hair and body care. They invite important health experts in these fields to compose the Jouwbox with high quality natural products.

 JouwBox is very nice Eco gift box aimed to seduce you to be involved in a healthier lifestyle by giving you healthy, sustainable natural products.

What is in the JouwBox?

JouwBox selects natural products from Personal Care, Supplements and Nutritions, Food and Bites and the products are never the same. Every box has items in it they have never introduced before so the content is always original. Of course it is an advantage they use another important health expert every time for a new box for a fresh approach.

So if you are looking for a gift to make somebody happy or to treat yourself to some healthy natural products and you don’t want to look around any longer then we have found the solution for you.
Jouwbox fits within a healthy lifestyle and is very affordable for everybody.

We are on our way to create a better world so why don’t you join us and JouwBox?

If you want to know more about Jouwbox you better look HERE and take a subscription.

For a Happy Skin and a Happy Planet.