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6 Ways To Use Bar Lotion For Maximum Results

Lovely scented bar lotion OAHU by Happinesz

What if your conventional body lotions, with their bottles and push pump dispensers aren't moisturizing as well as they could? What if there was a better way? Lotion Bars could be the gold mine for softer, smoother, silkier skin. Are you ready to make the switch? Don't worry, we'll explain what a lotion bar is.

A lotion bar is a solid lotion block packed with moisturizing properties. Its bar form and hyper-moisturizing ingredients give it a many tools to combat dry skin. A good lotion bar will completely organic and uses none of those typical additives that harm or dry-out your skin, such as parabens, alcohols, plastics (believe it or not) or palm oil. It has no harsh chemicals, ensuring it won't be toxic for your skin or counterproductive to your skin care routine.

Following are six ways to use solid body lotion bars.

Allow For Full Absorption

Fully allow your bar lotion to soak into the skin. It’s okay for your skin to be damp during application; warmth also helps activate the bar. Rub both hands to warm up the bar if it isn’t responsive. Once you have applied it to a particular section of the body, rub it into your skin until totally absorbed. Do the same for tougher skin like feet, elbows or knees, You’ll want to take the lotion bar everywhere when you realize how luxurious your skin feels. It’s compact enough to take to work or on your travels. It’s even more convenient than typical lotion because it’s bar for allows for quick handling and a firm grip.

Use it in the Shower

Being able to do your whole routine in the shower, including moisturizing, is just one more convenience of bar lotion. You can moisturize directly in the shower once you’ve cleaned your body. Coat yourself in the body lotion bar and prepare to be amazed. Once you’ve covered your body fully, wait a few moments, rinse off and pat yourself dry. A soft silky layer of happiness will be left behind. Not only can you use it in the shower, but lotions bars are responsive to your skin directly out of the bath.

Use it Fresh Out of the Shower

Lotion bars have an excellent effect straight out of the shower. After a shower, the warmth of your skin helps the lotion bar melt while still enabling you to hold onto the bar lotion as it takes a higher temperature to break down completely. It’s ingredients help keep it firm, so you don’t have to worry about slippery soap. Using a body lotion bar out of the shower lets your skin absorb and retain even moisture. The oils and butters penetrate beyond the first layer of the skin and sink into your pores. Embrace the silky benefits of high-quality lotion bars.

Use As Facial Moisturizer

Wash your face in your routine, and use the lotion as a facial moisturizer. After you’ve dried your face apply a thin layer and rub it thoroughly into your face for maximum absorption. it creates a moisture barrier that penetrates deep into your skin. Ensure your storage of the bar is in a location of your home that stays dry and cool.

Beat Winter Dry Skin

We can’t tout the uses of a lotion bar in the winter enough. The harsh weather can quickly dry-out your skin. A lotion bar does its best to combat the effects of a chill. Its ability to maintain that moisture barrier is why we love it so much. It will keep your skin from cracking from the brutal freeze. Make sure you’ve got extra bars at the tail end of fall.

Mani-Pedi Moisturizer

Doing a home mani-pedi with a lotion bar softens your cuticles and sure beats traditional cuticle oil. Softer hydrated cuticles allow your nails to grow strong and long. Hard cuticles make it challenging for your nails to grow. Lotion bars activate the ultimate hydration. Rub the lotion bar on your hands and ensure you thoroughly coat your cuticles. Please don’t push your cuticles back, as they protect our nails. Let the lotion bar fully absorb. Do this regularly for hydration,
softness, and cuticle flexibility; watch for all-around softer hands and healthier nails.

Repeat this process after soaking your feet, and add all natural coconut water into your Pedi bowl for additional softness. After you’ve cleaned your feet, rub your lotion bar on your toes, cuticles, and soles. Be generous on rougher skin. Then yank on your favorite pair of socks overnight to lock in moisture. By morning, you’ll wonder what took you so long to try a lotion bar. Shop the fair trade lotions bars of Happinesz Natural Body Care today! We ensure all our lotions bars contain organically sourced ingredients, helping to preserve water while contributing
to saving rainforests.