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What may cause Armpit rash?

What may cause Armpit rash?

There are quite a lot of stories about what is causing the rash on armpits of some people and the reason is not always what you may think. When it happens to you, you certainly will have a look at the ingredients shown at the back of the tin.

Most people are blaming the baking soda or essential oils for it but such is not always the case although some deodorants may have too much baking soda or essential oils in it. You may be surprised but most likely it may be your own sweat. When you sweat your skin starts to be sticky and when your skin start to rub against itself it causes friction and that leads to irritation. That is called intertrigo. It can result in red and raw armpits. Do not ignore this, some companies may tell you that this will go away or “you are detoxing”. A rash can cause an infection so such an advice is not correct and may be dangerous.

The Baking Soda discussion

If baking soda is used in a too high concentration it can cause a rash because of the alkaline pH. Than it can be abrasive. If it is used in a deodorant that is already sticky or waxy you have the golden formula for chafing. When made by experts a deodorant has the right combination with pampering skin care ingredients that will prevent chafing and will not give you a baking soda reaction. Why? Sweat neutralizes the alkalinity of baking soda because sweat is mildly acidic. In short: You CAN use baking soda. If you have a very sensitive skin or don’t like baking soda we have 3 deodorants without baking soda and they work fantastic.

Heat Rash

This is a rash caused by perspiration getting trapped in your skin and causes pimple-like bumps that itch and/or burn. Powder will help you draw out the moisture and keep you dry. That is why maize starch or arrowroot starch is used in our deodorants to absorb most moisture on your armpits. You will sweat but not as much!

Fungal Infection

That is an itchy, patchy rash that may have an irregular ring around the edge. The best thing you can do is to visit a doctor if it doesn’t go away soon. So, now you know!

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