You know that negative thoughts are powerful, nasty and easy to dwell upon and it can make you feel depressed. There are a couple of ways to relieve your mind. I have a couple of ways of doing that. One of them is to imagine that all my worries and negative thoughts are in a rucksack I am carrying on my back all the time and then I imagine I simply take the rucksack off and empty it. Simple as that. Once I emptied it I feel a lot lighter and relieved. And every time I am aware of a worry or a concern I imagine emptying my rucksack of worries and concerns.
Another way is of jotting them down on a piece of paper and toss the paper away. Research suggests that physically tossing your worries can lessen their hold over you.

This is article 23 of things to consider in finding (more) #happiness.
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