Who does not want to live in paradise?

Happiness can come in many forms. Living in a place that a lot of people call paradise is one of them. Who is not dreaming about a place one can live in a treehouse, walk through the canopies of lush tropical trees amidst monkeys, cockatoes, parrots, eating bananas, grapefruits, ananas, mangos and the like from your own trees? I am for sure for many, many years.

There is such a place where you can buy your own piece of land and build a treehouse without costing you an arm and a leg. Such a place is Fina Bellavista in Costa Rica. This is a sustainable Treehouse Community founded by Erica and Mateo Hogan with the help of a lot of friends.

location_small The location

It has the size of 600 acres (over 240ha) with abundant tropical rainforest with countless big trees, two white water rivers, natural swimming pools, waterfalls and countless frogs, monkeys and birds.

The nice thing about it is that it is an ecological and sustainable treetop treehouse community where you can live free and healthy and build a treehouse for yourself and help conserve the rainforest.

The statement of this community is: “To provide an opportunity for ecologically minded individuals to reside within the treetops of a unique rainforest ecosystem while promoting the conservation of species and the natural environment.”
They consider themselves as stewards of the land and their environment and they do everything on Finca Bellavista with consciousness, caution and care guided by their personal beliefs. It is their sacred ground.

Photo by Robb Reece

This place is truly spectacular and reminds me a lot of a national park with its abundant wildlife – you have no idea what a sight it is to see monkeys from your own treehouse – the magnificent scenery of a rainforest, the view overlooking Golfo Dulce and the possibilities to hike, surf, dive, birdwatch, kayak, deep-sea fish, swim in tropical natural pools, sail the ocean and walk the canopies of a jungle forest. Plus grow your own fruit and vegetables in a biological correct way.

Maybe it is a good idea to experience this paradise before you buy a piece of land to build your treehouse and be part of this community. Some of the treehouses are available for rent so thinking about that buying and building here would also have the opportunity to make some return of investment in case you don’t want to live here permanently. They have all-in packages available from $220 for 3nights per person.

For those who want to live a relaxed or active lifestyle, enjoy nature on a grandest scale in a healthy and warm climate this a magnificent opportunity to live your dream.

More information go to their website.

Hereunder a video.

Featured photograph at the top is made by Knut Amtenbrink


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