Liquid cocnut oil

MCT oil, the new miracle oil?

MCT oil is not particularly the new kid on the block as it is around for a long time but it is becoming more popular the last years. And that is not without reasons because it has some great features for your skin hence it is much in use in upscale skin care products . … read more

Balms Butters Creams Lotions and Milks

What you need to know about Balms, Creams, Milks, Butters and Lotions

Most of us use either balms, creams, butters, milks or lotions for all kinds of purposes; the deodorants, the hand creams, the body creams lotions and butters, face creams, lip balms and the list can go on and one. We put these substances on our skin for the benefit of the health of our skin … read more

Volkswagen Van T2 with natural organic deodorants

27 reasons why Happinesz natural organic deodorants are cool

These are 27 reasons why Happinesz natural organic Deodorants are the coolest new 100% natural deodorants for YOU. Works quickly all day and night. – NO white stains, when you rub it on your armpits, it’s just clear! – Non-sticky and non-greasy. You rub it on, it’s gone! – Climate proof 15° – 45°C  – … read more

armpit rash causes

Armpit rash causes

There are quite a lot of stories about what is causing the rash on armpits of some people and the reason is not always what you may think. When it happens to you, you certainly will have a look at the ingredients shown at the back of the jar. Most people are blaming the baking … read more

How to use a cream deodorant

How do you use Happinesz deodorants

It is very easy to apply some Happinesz deodorant to your armpits. Just take a dab like the size of a pea out of the jar as shown in the video and spread onto your armpits. That is it, as easy as a pie. For the rest of the day your armpits will smell lovely!! … read more

Coconut oil used in Happinesz deodorants

Coconut oil in Happinesz deodorants

Coconut oil alone can work as a natural deodorant as it has an antibacterial nature and it kills yeast, fungi and harmful microorganisms. That is because of the high lauric acid content (nearly 50%) in coconut oil. It also moisturizes the skin and keeps perspiration at bay. Coconut oils may help healing small wounds Not … read more

Why we use aluminum jars

We use aluminum jars because we absolutely wanted packaging for the Happinesz deodorant that is durable, not using a lot of energy to transport (light weight!!) and can be recycled and will not end up in our blood stream. So plastics were out of the question and also other bulky (bamboo, wood) or heavy (glass) … read more

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