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About us – How things got started

Things got started some years ago noticing the amount of plastic bottles in the bathroom. Also, when we stayed in Mexico for a couple of months, we saw the alarming amount of plastic items like bottles, caps, shoes, packaging, fishnets during walks on deserted beaches. That was a devastating experience to us. We thought that things have to change. In many cases we can do without disposable plastics.

But another major thing were the chemicals put into daily used articles. Like all the cosmetics we put on our bodies and are paying much money for. We don’t want that at all!! We have used chemicals filled products for most of our lives and it became obvious that we need to end this.

After moving back and working our day to day jobs we started thinking about what we could do and meanwhile my younger sister was experimenting with making her own deodorants made of 100% natural ingredients which we didn’t know about. She and her lovely husband have a background in making ointments in a drugstore and pharmacist so they knew a little more than us about it.

On News Year’s Eve 2018 she showed us the coconut oil based deodorants she was making for her own use for the previous 6 months. A deodorant that really works as she showed me (and let me sniff her armpits :).

And then all pieces seemed to fit into place. We decided to join forces and to make the best 100% natural environmental friendly, plastic free deodorant and best working deodorant possible but not packed in a plastic stick or a glass jar with plastic roller.

We have been testing the deodorants ourselves for spreadability, absorbation speed and fragrance because we wanted to have 2 types of deodorants: one with an incredible fragrance and one without fragrance as we have friends who are allergic to fragrances. Other family members and friends volunteered to test the deodorants and gave the thumbs up so to speak after testing.

Now we have absolutely natural deodorants made largely from organic ingredients like coconut oil, that smell fantastic, workslike crazy and unlike most other coconut based deodorants is not hardening when it is cold and won’t melt when it gets hot. Also we banned all plastics and chemical additives and packed the deodorants in a re-usable and recyclable tin that is easy to use and doesn’t take up much space.

We are very proud to offer these products to all people wanting a natural deodorant, without chemicals and made from all natural ingredients.

But the story continues. We have developed several other incredible natural body care products like organic hand creams, organic body lotion blocks, organic zinc sun screens and organic lip balms. Some of these are currently being tested and some of them are already on the market. Please check the shop page frequently for availability.

The Happinesz Team

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