Volkswagen Van T2 with natural organic deodorants

These are 27 reasons why Happinesz natural organic Deodorants are the coolest new 100% natural deodorants for YOU.

Works quickly all day and night. – NO white stains, when you rub it on your armpits, it’s just clear! – Non-sticky and non-greasy. You rub it on, it’s gone! – Climate proof 15° – 45°C  – For sensitive skins too! – No artificial fragrances. We use 100% pure essential oils. – No plastics in our packaging and ingredients. – No Palm Oils – No toxins – Natural Organic Deodorants

But also:

Neutralizes sweat bacteria, not blocking you from sweating – Does not block your pores. – Absorbs moisture by absorbing wetness. – No aluminum salts, parabens and alcohol. – Cruelty free. – Divine refreshing unisex fragrance. – 100% recyclable packaging. – WOW, 1 jar lasts about 2 months. – Vegan or vegetarian deodorants. – Handy small package, fits easily in your purse, rucksack or your pocket. – Allowed to take to festivals, concerts and airplanes. – Help to reduce the pile of plastic waste.

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