Happiness is a state of mind

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You will find a lot of inspirational quotes, sayings and expressions here on Happinesz.com and we hope that these will inspire you to be #happy and find #happiness.
However, we don’t want that to be the only way to #inspire you. Happinesz.com is a lot more than that. We want to give you a lot more. We want to give you more than wall tile wisdom.

Love and Respect

Happinesz.com is here to find you better ways to live. To be happy you have to shape your own world and this world is full of love and respect. Love and respect for yourself, for all people and for mother earth, our world, that tiny spec in the universe with all living creators on it.

There is no place for hatred and violence of any kind, nor physical, nor verbal, direct or indirect on Happinesz.com. We don’t like rules but this one is one we will maintain. Also please don’t take what is not yours.

Find Happiness

It is obvious for Happinesz.com that in order to find happiness you have to know for yourself what makes you happy and also in order to be happy you have to surround yourself with happy people. Also you have to be mentally and physically healthy and live in a healthy place.


So that is why you find posts about good food, wellness, fun, durable goods, astrology, empowerment, give back to society, faith, believing, green products, eco products, green entrepreneurship, environmental friendly products, feng shui, alternative healing, alternative life styles, weight loss, art, gatherings, fairs, diets, healthy food, buddhism, courses, education, green technology, environmental friendly, dating, connecting, energizing, healing, expression, creativity, creating, advising, Aid, help groups, housing, inspirational, health, helping, happiness, jewelry, jobs, massages, meditating, mediation, music, performances, philosophy, problem solving, new age, positivism, projects, promotion, quantum leap science, regenerating, recharging, rejuvenating, romance, self esteem, self help, sharing, supporting, sustainability, travel, webinars, wisdom, volunteering, wellness, yoga, spirituality, sexuality. If you more, let us know. If you have an article about one of the above subjects, be happy to send us and we will post it if we find it appropriate and well written. See the guidelines on the submission page here.


We are setting up a community where you can share your images, videos, music, quotes, passions, start groups, start a funding, help people, start projects and more. We will keep you posted!!

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