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Man Harnesses Mysterious Energy From His Handmade Gold Pyramid Home In Illinois

Source: The Spirit Science

With a family of 5 children and his wife, Jim Onan set out to build one of the most intricately designed pyramid homes that anyone could posses.


Having already his own set of skills in construction from his very own concrete business in which he built himself from the ground up, Onan found that there is a mysterious vortex of energy that resonates around the top of the pyramid.

Designing only little pyramids at first, he decided to construct a much larger one that is 13 feet high and in his very own backyard.

His son, an experienced botanists, claimed that they should test growing plants within the pyramid to see if there was any sort of effect on them. To their surprise, the plants that they had inside were growing exponentially faster than the ones they had outside of the pyramid.

Gold.Pyramid.House-276-SThe pyramid was designed totally out of free will, since Onan already has such an admiration for ancient Egyptian culture, that his wife suggested that he try to build an actual pyramid himself.

The pyramid style home is an exact replica of the Pyramid’s of Giza just 1/9th of the size. He then coated the entire pyramid with 24-karat gold that surrounds the entire proximity.

The pyramid itself costs an incredible sum of 1 million US dollars and is known as the largest golden plated structure throughout North America.

Upon completion of the pyramid, there had been an abrupt conflict in the design of having an indoor pool at the first floor of the pyramid and had instead natural spring water flowing out from the bottom.goldpyramid

Onan’s family decided that the spring water should be filtered out of the house and into the surrounding area.

The spring water itself has been proclaimed to have natural healing affects on people and can even sometimes remove certain ailments.

Many are skeptical of the situation suggesting that it may just be mind over matter as for others they claim the place to be a natural delight that everyone should visit.



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